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The New Beachwear Collection by "Rebel" is Taking This Summer by Storm

“To all the girls out there, killing it in their professions and doing something different. Going against the tide.”


The story behind “Rebel” is that of a character, a girl named exactly that. Rebel is not aggressive. On the contrary, she’s colorful and peaceful and cheerful and represents. Represents a movement against the cliche. Founded in early 2018 by Dara Hassanein and her mother, Dalia Abbas, the idea was initially sparked when graphic designer Hassanein discovered a passion for illustration. 

“With time, I found illustration to my passion. And with my mom always wanting to start her own fashion line, I thought it was time to turn my digital story physical," Hassanein tells us.

The fully Egyptian-made brand has released two collections so far, the first being in the form of scarves and the second and newest collection featuring beach cover-ups.

All efforts put into the marketing and portraying Rebel's message play a role: the photograph frames, the postures of the models, the captions of the post and even the placement of the artwork on the feed. Hassanein calls it "experimental fashion photography". Photographer Aly Soliman is a key-player in helping Rebel spread their message with the world, as is a certain Nelly Karim.

Only available online so far, they're balancing the lack of a showroom - in the works - and a website they're developing by giving viewers the option of zooming in to the finishing and details of their pieces.

They are currently in the process of designing men's pocket squares and a winter collection, although proving hard to make happen because of the scarcity of fabrics that would do justice to the designs, is also in the works.