Monday 5 of December, 2022
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New Draft Law May Make it Mandatory For Everyone to Wear Medical Masks Outside Their Homes

The draft law is an amendment to preexisting law 137 and also includes specifications on how to bury COVID-19 victims.

Staff Writer

Head of the parliamentary health affairs committee, Mohamed Al-Amary, has drafted a law making it mandatory for citizens to wear medical masks outside their homes; failure to comply could bring a fine. It has already been signed by one-tenth of the House of Representatives’ deputies.

The law was drafted as an amendment to articles 25 and 26 in law number 137, and also states that burying the bodies of dead patients should be done under the supervision of health authorities in a way that respects the dignity of the deceased and prevents the spread of the contagion. Additionally, penalties may be given to any party that may block or postpone the burial of corpses.

The new draft amendment has yet to be approved or discussed, but aims to reinforce the capacity of health authorities to better cope with the spread of current and future pandemics.