Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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New Egyptian Ride-Sharing Service For The Elderly and People with Disabilities Just Launched

Tawsila will also have medical experts escort you on your errands if you so wish.

Staff Writer

Moving around Cairo is a hassle regardless of your health status. It gets specially challenging to those with special needs and the elderly, as Cairo is not exactly accomodating to such vulnerable segments of society, nor is it a walkable city at all for that matter.

Tawsila, a new Egyptian service providing transportation services to Egypt's elderly and those with special needs recently launched to fill in that gap. What about those who can't even leave home without help? Tawsila would literally send someone to help you safely exit your building and again to help you up the stairs at your destination, for instance. 

In fact, one can order a medical expert to escort them while they run errands or visit friends. For women who could be uncomfrotable having that escort be a man, they also have female medical experts employed to avoid such issues. 

Find out more about the new service on 01032570424 or through here