Saturday June 10th, 2023
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New Initiative Celebrates the Work of Egyptian Women Abroad

‘Set Masreya B 100 Ragel Feh Al Khareg’ - a new initiative by the Ministry of Emigration - sets out to celebrate Egyptian women abroad who are working to improve their host countries.

Farah Ibrahim

‘Set Masreya B 100 Ragel Feh Al Khareg’ (‘An Egyptian Woman Abroad is Worth 100 Men) - the latest initiative from the Ministry of Emigration - is designed to highlight the efforts made by Egyptian women overseas who help support the national causes of the countries they’re in.

Sarah El Amin, founder of Happy Africa Organization, has been appointed as the initiative's ambassador due to the weight of her accomplishments. Her organization has helped people in Kenya who lack basic access to water, healthcare, or housing

You can follow this initiative through the ministry’s official social media page at f/MoSS.Egypt.