Monday May 29th, 2023
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The Exposure: New SS19 Collection by Kojak Channels Deepest Fears into Fiercest Regalia

New season, new haute couture madness from Egypt's most eccentric designer.

Staff Writer

Be it the monster in the closet, or the demons prancing around our minds, our fears manifest in a plethora of forms. And when an inner saboteur overstays its welcome, the discord of learning to cope with it or weeding it out can be a tiresome battle. These are the lofty topics that Egypt's eccentric design guru, Mohanad Kojak, with new Spring/Summer 2019 haute couture collection, 'The Exposure'.

The collection paints a picture of the collision between a person and their grandest fear, whatever form it takes - but that's not to say that the collection is all doom and gloom. Comprised of a selection of gowns, cocktail dresses and jumpsuits, The Exposure is painted in an enchanting mystique, with intricate hand-embroidered fabrics fashioned to embody a majestic presence. In true regality, the colour palette looks to brown, mustard yellow, deep layers of gold and subtle dashes of green, reminiscent of ornate armour.


The collection also features statement pieces of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair and headpieces, to accentuate the collection and add an extra element of uniqueness and, on occasion, an avant garde touch. The pieces come as part of a new expansion in the Kojak Studio portfolio, with Egypt jewellery designer, Menna Khalil, collaborating with Mohanad for the India-sourced-and-inspired accessories.

For more on 'The Exposure' visit Kojak Studio, and follow them on Instagram