Friday June 2nd, 2023
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New Species of Prehistoric Turtle Discovered in New Valley

The fossil was discovered during a joint research excursion between New Valley University and Cairo University.

Cairo Scene

A joint research excursion between New Valley University and Cairo University has uncovered the fossils of a new species of prehistoric turtle in Kharga Oasis, in the governorate of New Valley. According to a recently published study in Diversity, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, the 70 million year old fossil was identified as the complete shell of a side-neck turtle from the Late Cretacious period.

Written by researchers Mohamed AbdelGawad from Cairo University, Adán Pérez-García from Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia in Madrid, Spain, Ren Hirayama from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, and Sara Mohesn, Abdel-Aziz Tantawy and Gebely Abu El-Kheir from New Valley University, the study suggests that the fossil helps fill the missing evolutionary gap from the Late Cretaceous pleurodires in Egypt and in North Africa.

As it was the first of its kind to be discovered, the fossil was given a new taxon based on its discovery in Kharga Oasis: Khargachelys caironensis.