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New Tallest Building in World?

Sorry Dubai - your neighbours just one-upped you.

We humans are weird; the only species on the planet who live hedonism and excess. We understand building upwards if you're in a crowded city like Beijing or New York, but why do you need to keep building up and up and up when you're surrounded by bountiful desert? Well, so that everyone else in the world knows you have the biggest cock and the most money, of course!

Now Saudi Arabia are putting a really long middle finger up to Dubai and flashing them with The Kingdom Tower project, set to be the new tallest building in the world, located in Jeddah.

The building is estimated to be cost $1.23 billion and will be 1000m high, shadowing the current tallest building in the world, Dubai's Burj Al Khalifa which stands at mere 830m. Part of the building plan was announced by the prince of Saudi Arabia and promises that the tower will be finished next two years. Inspired by nature the sleek design looks like a giant plant that grows toward the sky. According to the professionals this will be the extremist tower of the modern architecture.