Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Nicki Minaj to Perform in Saudi Arabia This Month

Let the memes begin!

Staff Writer

Get this; Nicki Minaj is set to perform in Saudi Arabia this July. This may seem shocking, almost groundbreakingly absurd, but then the traditionally hyper-conservative kingdom has been on fast track to lifting restrictions off of its previously non-existent arts and music scenes.

Announced in a tweet by Jeddah Season, a new entertainment initiative by the Saudi Government, it was revealed that the chart-topping rapper (along with her buns, hun) is to land in Saudi to take part in Jeddah World Fest this July 18th. Ticket and venue details are expected to be announced in a Jeddah press conference later today.

The news come on the tail of a streak of similarly astonishing announcement from the kingdom that have inspired countless of pricelessly hilarious memes from across the region, with the last being the opening of the kingdom's first 'Halal bar' in Jeddah, which was shut down on its opening night for lacking proper permits.