Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Nineteen Twenty Five Reshapes Tuesdays with Nostalgia Nights

Who said Tuesday nights have to be dull?

Staff Writer

We all remember Nostalgia City nights at one of our favorite Nile-side venues. Matter of fact we feel nostalgic right now as memories of the famous night come rushing in. We remember Egyptian Shaabi icon Adaweya making an appearance, as well as a slew of different performers and DJs that made us fall in love with pop music all over again.

Amidst the current torrential flood of nights out catering to the new wave of house and techno fans, we are feeling ecstatic to know that our favorite alternative night out catering to those of us with a different, more old school taste, is back. We know that several nights do exist, catering to that same sound, but our memories at the old Nostalgia nights are unequivocal. 

This time around Nineteen Twenty Five is bent on re-creating that same experience - only better. DJ Ghandoukly and DJ Lyon Avakian - both Nostalgia veterans - are back on the decks spinning your favourite 90s and 80s hit songs from within our country's pop culture and beyond - expect everything from Hamdy Batchan's Kalemny Fahemny to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal to be dropped on the night.

If you're familiar with Nineteen Twenty Five's dedication towards supplying exuberant nightlife experiences, you would know that when it comes to the best food and drinks, top notch hospitality, and amazing company, the Nineteen Twenty Five experience is unparalleled. The man behind the brand knows hospitality and entertainment like the back of his hand, and we couldn't be more excited to put ourselves and our Tuesday nights at his dispense.

For reservations call: +20 121 210 3512

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