Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Niqab Selfies Are Finally a Thing

Two activists have taken to the web to prove that a niqab is no obstacle to taking selfies…

Staff Writer

A group of New York artists have teamed up to show the world that beauty is on the inside by showcasing a collection of selfies featuring women who wear Islamic dress.

The #DamnILookGood campaign features selfies of women wearing the hijab and niqab proving that real beauty is in a smile, a look or a moment in time not just your hairstyle.

Qinza Najm and Saks Afridi, two Pakistani-American artists, are fronting the move aimed at tackling Islmaophobia and the over-sexualisation of women in the media.

In a statement explaining the initiative they said: "A woman wearing full hijab/niqab, taking selfies of herself may seem like a pointless exercise. 

"It isn’t. A selfie is more than just a pic. It’s the product of a moment when one is feeling beautiful and confident. At its core, it is therapeutic, cathartic and fabric-agnostic. 

"During this moment, a hijab, seemingly a barrier, becomes entirely invisible to her.

"The hijab worn by choice is not repression, but liberation. It can be the most empowering piece of fabric a woman can choose to wear. When a woman covers herself this way, she can’t be judged on attractiveness, her jewellery or makeup. 

"By snapping selfies, she makes a point that she is much more than her sexuality."