Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Niqabi Woman Cuts Christian Student's Hair in Cairo

Lydia Rady's mother took to Facebook claiming that her daughter was the victim of a hate crime.

Staff Writer

The mother of a third grade student in the Ahmed Zewail Preparatory School in Basateen posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter’s hair before and after it was forcibly cut by a woman wearing a niqab. “I was on my way to class and suddenly felt something strange behind me in the middle of the crowd, I turned and saw a woman wearing a niqab so I was scared and went to class, and there I found strands of hair falling out, and realised that she chopped it off,” Lydia Rady said on a popular Egyptian talk show.

Terrified, Lydia called her dad and filed a complaint with the principal, who promised to act, but that didn’t stop the family from pressing charges. Nahed, Lydia’s mother, said that her daughter is scared to go out alone because she’s feeling unsafe, but she hopes justice will be served so she can show Lydia that no one is above the law.

Although no official action has been taken by the school yet, the principal has said that he knows who the fully veiled woman is and that her daughter is a student in the school. It is reported that the suspect's daughter stated that the reason her mother cut Lydia’s hair is because she is Christian.

Photo: Al Ashera Massa'an