Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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No More Crazy Zamalek Detours With Valet Parking App Rakna

The road-rage-saving, personal valet app has officially expanded their operations from Downtown to the gridlocked island of Zamalek.

Staff Writer

Regardless of how controversial the Zamalek metro plan might be, we're all still feeling the repercussions of it. Whether we work, live, or play on the island, we've all had to drive around in circles and into little streets until road rage sets in and we begin to curse the day we were born. That used to be the same with Downtown, a no-go zone for many Cairenes until the parking situation was fixed.

The problem with these solutions though is that dealing with an aging infrastructure always needs innovation for them to function properly. No one wants to drive to work for ten minutes, and then spend another 20 finding a parking spot, and another 29 minutes walking to their destination. Only to arrive sweaty and gross. 

When Rakna first launched, what the parking valet app did for Downtown is provide an innovative solution that acts as a modern extension to complement the parking infrastructure upgrade. It wasn't to provide a luxury service, but rather relief. You would arrive Downtown like a boss and have someone else deal with the hassle of parking.

Now, with the cluster-floop that is Zamalek these days, Rakna is stepping up again. Bye-bye one million detours. The on-demand parking service app has officially started operating in Zamalek, so it's time to say goodbye to parking tickets, sweaty Zamalek meetings, and fights with random thugs who hold the sidewalk hostage for money. Part of Rakna's expansion also includes hiring the company's valet services for private events like weddings and other times where your cars are more of a hassle than convenience. 

The app is available for both the Play and Apple stores. Find out more on the Rakna App, their services, and operating hours here

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