Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Not So Bad Gal RiRi?

After causing a furor amongst Arabs in Abu Dhabi, Rihanna shows support for Palestine during a sold-out concert in Tel Aviv...

Staff Writer

Arguably the hottest star on the music scene right now, it's no surprise that Rihanna continues to dominate headlines. While last week, she had the Arab world up in arms over her sexy Instagram photoshoot, as she respectfully donned a hijab but, somewhat disrespectfully, struck her poses outside the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. However, she seems to have made amends with Arabs at, paradoxically, her concert in Tel Aviv. 

Rihanna's latest single, Pour it Up, has gotten a lot of attention since the video - showing the Barbadian songstress both as a pole dancer and a pole dancing fan, throwing money at what can only be described a stripper - was released, but it was the lyrical changes she made to the song during her live performance in Israel that made headlines this time. The most often-quoted lyrics from this track are: "All I see is signs / All I see is dollar signs." However, much to the displeasure of her Israeli audience, two nights ago, the lyrics were changed to: "All I see is Palestine." Is this her way of saying sorry to the Arab? Attendees also noted that though she made references to Tel Aviv, she never once mentioned Israel.