Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Notes On A Spa Day

We headed to the spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence. Here are the thoughts we had while getting primped and pampered...

Staff Writer

The spas of this city are vying for your attention. With 25% off of treatments during weekdays, the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence is treating Cairo’s tired, stressed and drained individuals to a special spa experience we sampled for everyone this week. Getting a full body scrub and massage using Argan Oil, the world outside disappeared. To sum up this relaxing experience, we accumulated the most prominent thoughts we couldn’t fight as we were indulging at the exclusive address.

"Now I know what 'it hurts so good' means."

The word pain is usually associated to a miserable feeling and not desirable at all. Not so at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence Spa. Every touch of a massage is a sensation that feels right. You know, the kind of right you feel when eating chocolate or scratching a mosquito bite. If there is such thing as good pain, it is this. The consequences of not sitting straight, carrying heavy bags and walking miles and miles are erased once the Swedish massage has culminated.

“I didn’t know that female hands could be so strong.”

Our masseuse Joan was a petite lady who was too sweet and friendly to expect she would be kneading our entire body like ten muscular guys. Her fingers had the talent of finding the right spots and squeeze the stress and worries out of our bodies. How do Joan’s fingers not break?

“A beautiful atmosphere actually helps me relax.”

The spa windows are too high up to have people in the streets creep in but low enough to enable us to gaze at the Nile while getting our massages, facials or other treatments. This stunning panorama actually works better than any picture. There is so much hustle and bustle out there, but it can’t come inside...What a beautiful thought. We’re at the spa, the stress is elsewhere…

“My skin can actually feel like a baby's bottom.”

They say the body scrub gets rid of all the toxins and dead skin cells on our bodies. After Joan had her way with the Dead Sea salt our bodies glow and are so soft, pure silk would get jealous. The Moroccan Argan Oil that was used for the Swedish massage certainly didn’t hurt either. Even after visiting the sauna our skin felt so soft we couldn’t stop touching it.

“Feeling special feels good.”

Wrapped in a soft robe, sipping on a cup of tea while kicking back in the relax lounge is an experience none of us get to enjoy every day. To actually treat yourself to some me time, allowing people to pamper you and reconnect with your body is an experience without a price tag. To be the centre of attention of someone whose only objective is to make you feel special is an invaluable experience everyone should have.

"Why isn’t every day spa day?"

We know, we know, spa days are slightly too expensive to have them happen every day if your name isn’t Beyonce, Rihanna or Mike Tyson. One thing is for sure: from now on we don’t want flowers for Valentine’s Day anymore, we don’t want jewels for our birthday and if we are having children, please don’t give us toys… a spa treatment at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence will suffice!