Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Nowhereland Hosts Top Mexican Tattoo Artist

Taking up a one week residency at Cairo's most notorious tattoo parlour, Fercha Pombo's intricate designs and attention to detail make her skills in high demand.

Staff Writer

The myth goes you have to have an odd number of tattoos for good luck. If it's time for you to make thar move and add to your body art, you should be pretty interested to know that acclaimed Mexican tattoo artist Fercha Pombo will be leaving her Berlin studio behind and taking up a week long residency at Nowhereland. Pombo will be working with the Cairo-studio from the 11th - 17th May and is currently taking appoinments. from the 11th till the 17 of May. Influenced by her Mexican heritage, her penchant for landscapes and focus on black ink makes her work one of its kind.

Her art has a style of its own, and she's known for her excruciating details. "Her work is very difficult because it depends on dots and lines, so it needs someone with great expertise and very passionate about what they’re doing and lucky for us she is,” Nowhereland tells us.

Introducing a new style in Egypt that is both intricate and current, Pomba will be ready for all you lovers of ink. It will be helpful to check out her work here and get a glimpse of what you’ll be in for.  To book an appointment, contact Nowhereland onl 01069545736 or