Thursday July 25th, 2024
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O’Curls is the New Brand Embracing Natural Curly Hair

We spoke to Founder Ola Roshdy about the importance of embracing one’s natural hair.

Cairo Scene

O’Curls is the New Brand Embracing Natural Curly Hair

O’Curls is the fresh local Egyptian brand giving those of you with a head of thick, twisting locks the confidence to rock the natural hair look - it’s about time to say no to damaging straighteners and social media-fuelled self-doubt. At the brand’s launch event at The Gardens in New Giza, we spoke to actor, comedian, and Founder of O’Curls, Ola Roshdy, about the core aim behind the three products launched at the event, allowing guys and girls alike to embrace their natural curls with confidence.

“When I was younger, my mum always wanted me to straighten my hair so I looked ‘tidy’,” Roshdy tells CairoScene. “My hair was always cut really short too. People used to think I was a boy!” But mild hair-related childhood trauma aside, Roshdi has never had anything but love for her hair. “I’ve always embraced my natural curls. I’ve never really wanted to straighten it or go for another hairdo that hides its natural essence.” And now, she wants to create a “community of curlyheads” who can also embrace their true, authentic selves.

At the event, O’Curls launched three new products: leave-in conditioner, styling gel, and a water-based activator. All three are unisex, designed for all ages and genders. “Anyone can use it, even your poodle!” Roshdy jokes.

The importance of being confident in her own look is rooted in Roshdy’s understanding of its effect on her own children. “I’m so glad I’ve embraced my hair. My kids see me embracing my hair, and they do the same.”

There have never been more people wishing they had curly hair, so why should those lucky enough to be born with it do anything but enjoy the bouncy bonce they have been bestowed with.