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Ana A3ed

OCT’73: Save the Date

There's a new T-shirt brand in town mixing prettiness and politics...

We love home grown Egyptian brands and we get particularly excited by the new waves of fashion designers emerging on the sartorial scene.

Most recently catching our eyes was a dazzling display of cool men’s t-shirts, distracting us from our usual selfish beauty pursuits at Mohamed Al Sagheer’s salons and boutiques.

Oct’73 is the brainchild of former professional footballer, Tamer Begato whose passion for fashion has been brewing for a long time before the recent launch of his line of T-shirts. “Having been raised in a family that appreciates art and design, I’ve always had an artistic eye,” says Tamer, whose father was a famed professional painter AND served in the Army for many years. Perhaps it is the latter which inspired the brand name. “October 1973 is a very important date in Egyptian history. When I was thinking of a name for the brand, I wanted to pick something of value and importance to all Egyptians. I guess OCT’ 73 shall always be our victory and pride,” Tamer explains.

So what differentiates OCT’73 to other designers jumping on the revolutionary bandwagon? Firstly, the fact that the idea was conceptualised before the revolution. Secondly, the quality. “Everything we make is made with pure Egyptian cotton and we focus all our efforts on the finishing. What I aim for is to make sure that the T-shirt you get stays in your wardrobe for years,” he says.

Having already created a stir, OCT’73 T-shirts have been spotted on the most fashionable men and women alike. “The feedback has been great so far, and I’ve already had orders from Dubai. My hope is that it becomes a recognisable and respected Egyptian brand across the world,” says Tamer.  And we hope so too!

You can pick up OCT’73 T-shirts at Mohamed Al Sagheer stores and salons. Join Mohamed Al Sagheer’s fan page here and follow them on Twitter here for more updates!