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OPPOxZAAM Turns Heads at CFF with Huda Al-Mufti’s OPPO F9 Inspired Dress

The unlikely collab turned looks on the runway.


OPPO makes another show-stopping appearance on Cairo’s fashion scene once again at the 10th Cairo Fashion Festival. In a budding long-term collaboration with ZAAM designer Ahmed Azzam, who started out as a women’s bag designer. OPPO has opened a new door for ZAAM in the fashion designing industry with OPPOxZAAM, a collaboration that dazzled on the CFF 10 runway. One of the most iconic moments of the night was starlet and OPPO ambassador Huda Al-Mufti’s dress, which was inspired by one of OPPO F9’s gorgeous gradient color schemes- starry Purple.

The design inspiring the dress comes from OPPO’s new gradient color design in light of the technological advances in color processes to bring life to handhelds. The three colors on offer are Sunrise Red, Twilight Blue and Starry Purple, with inspiration coming from nature – sunrise, twilight, and starry skies.

OPPO wants to infuse these feelings into the design of the product, to provide consumers with vitality rooted in nature. Moreover, to achieve a unified design, F9 for the first time applies a gradient design on the side frame, making the sides and the back a naturally connected whole. Whether we realize it or not, phones are an accessory. In this day and age technology is intertwined in everything we do, including fashion. What makes OPPO special is that they’re a brand which realizes this and has taken the initiative to not only incorporate art into their technological craft but also cultivate and nurture the art around them, hence OPPOxZAAM.

Left to right: Khaled Anwar, Huda Al-Mufti, Mohamad El Sharnouby

OPPO’s first major appearance on the Egyptian fashion scene was the 8th edition of CFF, marking their first fashion collaboration at the event. The event, hosted by Zeinab Hegarty, had top designers, locally and globally, showcase their work; including Norine Farah, Bardess, Sara Gabr, and American designer Amanda Kamhawy just to name a few. Fashion guru Wadih El Najjar made his first public appearance in Egypt after his rise to fame as well. OPPO also had actress Hana Shiha and singer/actor Hany Adel as their guests of honor.

At last year's 9th edition of CFF, OPPO created a competition among fashion designers. The designers were to create designs inspired by OPPO’s brand identity for a cash prize. The models showcased the then-new F5 phones, which were still unreleased at the time, to give their fans an exciting sneak peek. The winner, Eva Habashi, was able to work towards her dream of working towards building her own fashion empire.OPPO has not only entered the realm of fashion locally, but globally as well. OPPO has sponsored The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, with the likes of Lily Aldridge and Candice Swanepoel as their international brand ambassadors. To add to their star-studded list of OPPO fellows, top fashion and beauty photographer Russell James has become their official portrait photography consultant.

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