Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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Of Airlines and Arab Money

Thanks to Emirates Airlines, you can now have your own marble-decked private jet!

Staff Writer

Good news, elitist socialites! No longer will you have to endure flying first-class on a regular people plane and endure commoners, because Emirates Airlines is offering you a chance to custom tailor a flight to fit your pretentious needs. Launching a service called "Emirates Executives," the posh, Arab airline is offering clientele their luxury Airbus 319 Aircraft (the first of its kind supposedly) to charter their own personal travel experience in an aircraft that is literally decked out in marble. Marble? Will the plane be able to fly with marble flooring? Only time will tell. The idea of someone custom tailoring a flight experience is simply ridiculous. Get us on a plane and all we want to do is pop a Xanax and sleep until we reach our destination. Oh, Arab money... How you can change a man. 

You can book your own private jet by visiting this website