Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Once Upon A Dream: Enter This Cairo Artist’s Visually Stunning Utopia

The dreamy exhibit talks about imagination and childhood.

Staff Writer

The Once Upon A Dream exhibition by artist Nadeen El Rashidy is now being showcased at Kodak Passageway December 15 through 23rd. The works are a reimagination of childhood in all its creativity, its imagination, and its freedom to pursue the quirky corners of one’s mind and dream to no end.

In El Rashidy’s newest works, dreams are not projections extracted from reality; they become a reality of their very own. Or rather, a reminder to dream. In the mess of adulthood and of modern technology, we have become hurdled with restrictions and limitations, and the constant consumption of content has inhibited our ability to extract new ideas from the world around us. This is the powerful message behind Once Upon A Dream: a call to rekindle that wondrous spirit inherent in all of us and to chase that little bit of magic, no matter how deeply it’s been buried.

As the works are inspired by the world of dreams, they are very fittingly themed together through the use of deep indigo blues and shimmering gold, making for a dreamy night-time fantasy.

The exhibition is hosted by Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment (@DowntownCairo) as part of an ongoing initiative to support the local art scene in Cairo. The company has been actively hosting many such events and hopes to continue giving voice to Cairene artists.

Nadeen El Rasheedy is an AUC graduate of fine arts and has also studied at the University of Arts in London and the International Summerschool in Venice. For more information on the artist and works, visit her Instagram here