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One Giant Leap for Hair Care

In an era of big breakthroughs, one company has made real progress in the realms of science and technology, using NASA-inspired technology.

The good news here is that all this is to our hair’s benefit, and that company is P&G Beauty. Its latest development, the new Pantene Milky Damage Repair range, has been inspired by the high-tech equipment at the world’s hub for space exploration to look at hair cuticles closer than ever.

This has helped the scientists at Pantene’s Pro V lab to figure out what damage actually looks like, and, consequently, how to fix it. Whoever said beauty and brains don’t go together was wrong – thanks to the very clever people at Pantene, our hair is finally turning heads. Perfect for the winter – when cold weather and hot water tend to dry out the hair and scalp –the new Pantene formula works best in four simple steps.

What are the steps? The effective but affordable new range consists of shampoo and conditioner for daily use, oil replacement therapy for styling and a cream bath Hammam for weekly hair treatment. Together, they work to restore your hair’s natural beauty, bringing back shine, softness and manageability, while strengthening the hair and repairing split ends. Finally, technology has reached a greater purpose – your finished look! That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for hair care.

For more information on all Pantene’s products as well as style inspiration, check out the Pantene Arabia Facebook fan page here or follow @PanteneArabia on Twitter.