Thursday June 1st, 2023
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One Giant Leap for Womankind?

You might have heard yesterday that EgyptAir – after months of strikes and protests from its employees – finally agreed to allow their female cabin crew to wear Islamic Hijab if they wish.

Staff Writer

They’re even designing a special uniform – to be introduced in December –  for the ladies who choose to cover up for religious reasons. Obviously, we’re dying to know who will be designing it: Karl? Donatella? Alber? Badr the tarzy? We’re on the edge of our seats, but in the meantime, women will be allowed to customise their existing uniforms to fall in line with their beliefs. We’re all for a woman’s right to choose, and this is a serious leap forward for women in the workplace, no matter what your personal take on the religious garment is and the political pondering that is bound to arise from this change of policy. When entitlement is given more importance than appearances, we can all agree that it’s a step in the right direction.

However, male members of EgyptAir’s cabin crew are still forbidden from sporting a beard while working. In fact, the facial hair-inclined crew filed a lawsuit last July that has yet to be settled or addressed by EgyptAir who claim to prefer a clean-shaven look for customer-facing positions. Though it is not unusual for workplaces to require their team to present themselves in a certain way, when your employee wants to bend the rules for religious reasons, shouldn’t an exception be made? And now that an exception has been made for women, shouldn’t it be made for men? Does the improvement in sexual and religious equality for women actually expose an even more deeply-entrenched hypocrisy? Should the freedom to choose and express your beliefs  be dependent on variables like your job description and sex? Is this even about freedom or is it a publicity stunt? Wouldn’t it be great if the new uniform consisted of Hermes scarves? Discuss.

(NB. We haven’t given our opinions because you guys hate us when we do. Remember when you called us  “fascist ****s”? That hurt. #NotCool)