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Orange’s New Emotional Ramadan Campaign Reminds Us That Social Distancing Will Eventually End

And with more than 30 million views on YouTube, we’re not the only ones who are touched by the ad.


We’ll be the first to admit it: times are tough and sometimes it can feel like there’s no end in sight for the unusual situation we all find ourselves in. Social distancing has changed our usual Ramadan traditions, and with summer just around the corner, we’re all a bit emotional and nostalgic for our usual get-togethers. We’ve been Facetiming, HousePartying and Zooming our way through this lonely time, trying our best to keep our connections with the people that matter most, whether they’re quarantined a few blocks away or are stuck abroad.

Understanding this difficult time Egyptians across the country – and the world – are experiencing, Orange’s new Ramadan ad never fails to stir up our emotions. It reminds us that life will take unexpected twists, as each of us carves our own path. Underlined by the moving lyrics of Emirati singer Hussain Al-Jassmi, the commercial communicates a relatable feeling we’ve all been having during these difficult times: life sometimes gets hard, and our nearest and dearest can’t always be with us – but in this tough phase in all our lives, we can still stay connected.

By now, we all know the bittersweet feeling that washes over you when you see an incoming video call from someone special. Although you can’t wait to be able to see them in real life, you’re thankful that we have the technology today that can make social distancing just a little bit easier. And that’s exactly why Orange’s Ramadan ad – and Hussain Al-Jassmi’s touching song, which has topped Anghami’s charts for a week now – has become the first telecom commercial to surpass 30 million views on YouTube. It speaks about our feelings and reminds us to look at the brighter side of life, inspiring hundreds of thousands of Egyptians to share the commercial across social media. And all this, in only the first 10 days of Ramadan.

With no celebrity appearances or stunning models, Orange’s ad is still among the most talked about this Ramadan, because it truly hits home. The advert shows scenes that are recognisable and relatable to all of us in these uncertain circumstances; a mother video calling with her son who lives abroad, a dad who works on an oil rig catching up with his kids, a young family keeping their distance from elderly grandparents. With no over-the-top acting, celebrity endorsements or silly dance routines, Orange has shown a real reflection of the current circumstances on a personal, emotional level. Using  وحشتنا_اللمة# (which translates to ‘we miss getting together’), the moving commercial shows how Orange is bringing you ‘closer to what matters most to you,’ no matter how far away your loved ones might be – and is an uplifting reminder that these circumstances are only temporary.  

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