Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Out with Old, In with Shoes

This Ramadan Timberland are offering a deal that seems to be too good to be true; a chance to purge your closet of all your unwanted old clothes to go to charity, for which you will receive a 100LE voucher redeemable in their stores.

Staff Writer

We have all heard the expression out with the old in with the new. This Ramadan Timberland in Egypt has taken this saying to heart and is offering an amazingly ridiculous deal that guarantees to have those fasting forgetting about food, and rushing to their nearest Timberland store.

Ramadan is all about purity and charity, and keeping true to that spirit, Timberland will be looking to purify your closets by opening booths outside its shops, where customers are encouraged to donate old clothing in exchange for a 100LE voucher redeemable in its shops. What makes this deal so bonkers is that vouchers are given out for EACH ITEM DONATED, and in keeping with the Ramadan traditions and principles of charity, Timberland will be giving all clothes donated to local charities in need. 

Many of your closets are probably filled with a variety of outdated trends that hang there collecting dust, acting as a constant reminder that your fashion sense should be questioned. You suffer from having wardrobes filled with fluorescent pants, overalls, tie-dye, and most embarrassingly t-shirts of one-hit-wonder bands that broke up so long ago that your age and lack of taste becomes painfully obvious.

Ensuring that everyone in Cairo, regardless of the area they live in, will be able to participate, Timberland has made it this astounding deal available at three different store-front locations; Mall of Arabia (starting July 2nd), Cairo Festival City and City Stars (both starting July 3rd).

We all know of the excessive eating in Ramadan, but now Timberland is giving us all a reason to excessively shop. It is a well known fact that Egyptians love to show off their Eid clothes at the end of Ramadan. However with a deal this good why settle on one outfit, when you can show off a complete new wardrobe that proudly declares that not only are you fashionable, but also generous.

Find out more about Timberland on their official Egypt-based Facebook page here.