Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Paint the Terrace Red

You've been to the Black Party and you've been to the White Party. Now Tamarai is going Red...

Staff Writer

Love it, hate it, relish or resent it, Tamarai has, without a doubt, made its way into a Cairene generation's vernacular. It's become a sort of adjective to describe a certain type of person. No matter how hard it tries to lay low, to play it cool, nice and easy, it still oozes excess. Because it was, after all, THE night spot. The one where the big-ballers would ball, the Champagne was served with fireworks, and the night was always young. But then, you know, the thawra happened and we all got a grip on reality (apparently). We looked around and for a fleeting moment, high on our own humility, we somehow came to the conclusion that democracy = dreariness. Tamarai  and all its acolytes ended up serving as scapegoats, poster kids for all that was wrong with the country.

So instead we plugged into the underground, the arts scene, the counter-culture. We visited groggy little galleries in downtown, and "spaces" miles out of town. We thought ourselves elevated, separated, socially advanced. We discussed graffiti over over-priced koshari, and tweeted about being revolutionary-socialists while sipping green tea in West LeftBank.

But now that we've swung both ways, isn't time we found a middle ground? Isn't it time we grew up a little and began to understand that a club, is a club, is a club. That in every city across the globe there are those who wile away their nights in a whorl of music and bubbles and others who curl up in cafes and feverishly discuss the state of the world. And sometimes, just sometimes, there are  those who even do both!  Because - in a world beyond Tahrir and Mubarak, Baradei, Bassem, Yosri and Morsi - your choice of entertainment for the evening,  is not a reflection on your political ideology. It's just a bit of fun.

So here's what we're going to be doing on April 4th. We're going to be PAINTING THE TERRACE RED. We're going to head to Tamarai and we're going to enjoy whatever they've got planned for us. And it doesn't mean we don't care. It just means we care, for one night, to have a little fun. Because love it, hate, relish or resent it, in a brave new world where countless "parities" are now vying for our attention, each claiming to be the best, the righteous, the true path to democracy, we can at least count on a Tamarai "party" to deliver...