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Palestinian Family Create The Most Awesome Viral Rock 'n' Roll Video Ever

Who needs radio stations or old school CD mixes when your family can rock the heck out of Queen like Moe Shama's?

They will, they will, rock you – that's exactly what Moe Shama is telling us about his cooler-than-yours family when the entertainer recorded them performing to Queen's eternal hit, We Will Rock You, on a road trip.

We couldn't help but notice that in this video, Mama Shama was quite uninterested and annoyed by her kids' and husband's enthusiasm – what she does with her family as a result can only be described as a 'mother's typical reaction.'  You thought she'd smack them, didn't you? This Chicago-based family showed over 4 million viewers that a mother's love – and guitar? – always brings out the best in a family, and a dad's silliness will always have the power to make you smile.