Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Palestinians Love the Rubble Bucket Challenge

It's the Gazan answer to the Ice Bucket Challenge - lacking the resources to throw ice buckets, Palestinians have opted to throw buckets of rubble to show the destruction on the Gaza Strip.

Staff Writer

Palestinians Love the Rubble Bucket Challenge

A Palestinian journalist has given the ice-bucket challenge a Gazan twist. Ayman al Aloul launched the bid in an effort to show realities of the destruction brought upon Gaza by the Israeli onslaught.He said: "I have to do something and to send a message all over the world about Gaza."

Al Aloul, 42, claims that when he discussed the idea with friends, some suggested that he use either a bucket of blood or shrapnel. However Aloul settled for a less gruesome approach. "It came to my mind that it's good idea to show the whole picture - how Gaza looks now, rubble, destruction, cement with sand, small rocks." This morning, nearly 2,000 had liked the Rubble Bucket Challenge page.