Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Palm Hills Development To Host Unique Fashion & Food Market

We've been to 1,001 generic bazaars but this time around, the creative cats at Blink throwing an event that's totally out of the box - literally.

Staff Writer

Palm Hills Developments are set to host what may just be Cairo's coolest ever avant-garde market space this Friday 3rd April with their Crates and Containers Market event, organised by Blink - the creative agency, not the band with the suffix 182.

Now, the whole bazaar/food market/fashion festival trend has become a bit passé in Egypt over the last couple of years. How many times can one fondle miles and miles of generic bead necklaces and sniff endless candles, feast on the same stale-ish sandwiches and listen to covers of Frank Sinatra? Enough, we say. We want something new, something bold and exciting, something Instagrammable (yes, that's a selling point for us), refined and confined. We want a day out with unlimited options, a flea market where we can actually purchase something we'd wear, a fresh food market where the smells float through the air, taking us excitedly from stall to stall like pie through a window in a Hannah Barbara cartoon. 

We're stoked about this Friday, because we're getting all that and a crate-load more, literally. As the name suggests, the whole event will have this industrial chic vibe, contrasting with the stunning greenery surrounding the Palm Hills Clubhouse space. Think fresh produce and products flowing out of wooden crates and vendors setting up camp within giant corrugated shipping containers.

You can expect four different zones to keep the whole family busy. The Fashion & Passion zone will host a line up of Egypt's most exciting young independent brands and designers from Kojak's one-off handmade pieces and VNTG's classic shades to El Sastre's bespoke shirts, the super trendy stores Pop Up Shop and Ghazl BanatOkhtein's show stopping bags, Mareej and RNDM's quirky stationary. The line-up of these retailers represent the best of Cairo's young creative fashion industry, whilst the Bits & Bites zone has every food outlet that makes you salivate whilst wondering what to order at work; Mince's busty burgers, TBS' delicious donuts, Mori's succulent sushi, the salad restaurant with the best name in the game; Lettuceat, Maadi's favourite new Egyptian cuisine eatery Kazouza, Foool Tank, Gringo's Burrito and much much more. They've managed to collect the kind of food places that you never get at your typical bazaar, and get them all together in one place. The best part is that each restaurant has a themed space reflective of the brand; Kazouza will be selling kebda from a vintage Volkswagen beetle for example. 

Aside from the Bits & Bites area there'll also be the Grocers & Growers zone. A real farmers market exhibiting Egypt's growing culture of healthy eating, where you can pick up fresh natural goods from the likes of like Fitnuts, Nature Gift Stores, Desert Lake Farms, Tabi3y, Gourmet and more.

Finally something for the little ones, the Kids & Kidders zone will include face painting, arts and crafts, party games and enough activities to distract the toddlers whilst you shop away. The Merlin Award winning magician Moustapha Berjaoui will be strolling around sweeping crowds into a frenzy with his illusions and card tricks. The score to the whole event will be courtesy of the smooth Indie rock sounds of Hassan Ramzy, pop darling Rola Zaki, a taste of Cuba with Los Compadres and Marwa the Amazing's acrobatics. Fortunately, no Blink 182.

For the full list of vendors and more details check out the Facebook event here.