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Panorama 6th of October Museum Gets a Stunning State-of-the-Art Makeover

Yup, the unique museum Panorama 6th of October is now a tech innovation thanks to Audio Technology.

Panorama 6th of October

Driving up and down Salah Salem Road, you can't help but notice it - what with a giant warplane and tanks casually adorning the sidewalk of the often-packed street. That, as you may already know, is Panorama 6th of October - a museum and memorial commemorating the 1973 war. Inaugurated in 1989, it has, for as long as many can remember, been perceived as being outdated, has rarely attracted a consistent flow of visitors, relying instead on a influx of school trips from across the country.

That, like the war itself, is now history. Panorama 6th of October just got an absolutely stunning makeover courtesy of premium tech company Audio Technology, which just unveiled its state-of-the-art renovation project at the museum, bringing it from 1973 well into the 21st century. Using advanced 3D mapping projection, lighting, and sound systems, all the way to virtual reality, 3D holograms, simulation systems and a myriad of superior technological innovations, the museum now offers a fully-immersive experience where visitors get teleported to the frontlines of the battle in a 150-seat, 9D mapping theatre. The next stop is at a hall in which the weaponry used in the war are displayed in the form of holograms, signage displays and wireless tour guide for guests to easily swipe through.

The outdoors area of the museum wasn't overlooked, as Audio Technology employed the latest 3D mapping projection systems to transform the outer facade of the building into a massive screen showcasing the war's battles on all fronts - sea, land, and air.

By the looks of it, Panorama 6th of October is no longer just the school trip you'll be trying to skip, but rather a sophisticated, technologically-advanced museum that's definitely moving up the ranks of the city's iconic landmarks. 

Audio Technology has emerged as one of the most significant background players in the technological revolution that has is carrying Egypt's entertainment and culture scenes, with the likes of  Cairo Opera House, Cairo International Stadium, Bibliotheca Alexandria and even Cairo International Airport receiving upgrades at the hands of the Egyptian company.

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