Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Papillon's New Spring Collection Will Give You Butterflies

Haven’t you heard? Mummified insects are the new black and for their spring collection, Papillon are importing their butterflies.

Staff Writer

With a wave of trends constantly inundating Egypt's fashion scene, we're always looking for something a little different that'll add pzazz to our wardrobe and make us stand out in a sea of identical trends. And what better way to stand out than by sporting insects as part of our outfit? Yes, insects. Papillon is the brand that splashes our wardrobes with a touch of nature, literally. And the brand's spring collection keeps up the tradition with their latest insect and flower embedded bow ties and accesories.Papillon is using imported butterflies, locusts and flowers that only grow in Spring season for their latest line. Having won the Cairo Design Award last November, the brand is most recognized for its out of the box unisex bow ties. 

Founded in 2011 by Jewelry designer, Sara Osama, Papillon designs insect accessories for all occasions. For the men who are sick of wearing the same old bow ties with giraffe or butterfly designs on them, here’s the alternative. Papillon spruces up their wedding suits with glass bow ties encapsulating mummified butterflies. And while our first reaction upon hearing of insect infused jewelry was one of curiosity and confusion, Osman explains that she sought to deliver an element of weirdness to the fashion game. “At the base, I'm an Epistemologist. And I always want to create something that stands out. I work with insects because to me it's about anything that has a life and then dies, there's still a benefit to them. Like these dead butterflies and the insects, now they're used to make Jewelry that stands out,” says Osman.Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.