Thursday June 8th, 2023
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This Paris-Based University is Egypt's Gateway To International Education

This is not a cooperation, or a collaboration, nor an association; this is the real thing!

Staff Writer

Education is an ever-growing industry in Egypt. Like seriously, there's a never-ending number of universities and post graduate schools that keep popping up every single day. (Not really, but you know what we mean, right?) However, only a few places offer the real thing - we're talking full on international accreditation here. The kind of accreditation that could jump start your career anywhere in Europe.

A university with a global historical lineage of 70 years in international education, and 20 years in Egypt. A network of over 160 corporate partners in Egypt. Graduating from this school ensures you'll have a spot waiting for you in Egypt's finest firms. This is not a cooperation, or a collaboration, nor an association; this is the real thing!

Brought to you all the way from the finest business schools in Paris, ESLSCA University has been solidifying its position in the Egyptian market with over 7,000 alumni, and 2,500 students who are currently studying in the prestigious university. And if you're a bit weary and wondering if it offers the same program and degree as the one offered in Paris, it does. ESLSCA currently hosts seven campuses around Cairo, the latest being its Pyramids Heights located on KM22 - Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road

The university's accreditations are no joke, boasting a well known President and Board of Trustees. The international establishment is certified and founded under the France-Egypt Governmental Treaty, and has earned its Official Presidential Decree in Egypt last year in March. Basically, the whole freakin' shebang. 

While ESLSCA is globally renowned for its business schools that offer specializations in Marketing, Finance and Management, it also provides various specializations suitable for students who are interested in a practical education that's fit for today's market. Those include, but not limited to, Sports Management, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Retail & Luxury Brand Management, and Digital & Data Science Management.

ESLSCA follows the Bologna system, a European standardized educational system that allows you to earn your Bachelor degree in merely three years, gone are the days of spending basically half your 20s grinding and working for that 5-year bachelor degree where by the time you've earned it you're not only practically over the work market, but you're also over life. And if you're interested in pursuing that masters degree or a PHD, the internationally accredited Bologna System follows what's called the 3-5-8 system, which entails three years for a bachelor degree, five years for a master's degree and eight years for that PHD - so you can be your family's favorite doctor ad el dunia without having to compromise the glory that is your youth.

Revolving around the ethos that education is a high-on application and hands-on experience, ESLSCA has prepped its campuses to be technologically equipped, allowing students the opportunity for proper full-on digital engagement within ESLSCA's education system. It's safe to say that the school carries a deep-rooted goal for all its students to be well traveled and cultured, offering Euro trips with Parisian ESLSCA colleagues, and allowing students to internationally network and create over-sea bonds and friendships. Oh, and it's also going to provide summer trips to Egyptian students immediately after year one to ESLSCA's Paris campus.

ESLSCA's Bachelor Admissions are now open and BBA classes will start September 2019.
Make sure you check out ESLSCA's Facebook and Instagram, as well as their website for all the latest updates that'll have you screaming "VOILA!"