Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Paris Hilton Gets Pranked On Ramez Galal's Upcoming Ramadan Series

Ramez Galal has made a name for himself pranking/terrorising celebrities on television and this year proves to be no different; we've just received confirmation from an undisclosed source that he's back, this time with sky high antics and Paris Hilton...

Staff Writer

Ramadan is just around the corner, and with it comes a slew of television series including the return of despised/beloved prankster Ramez Galal. This year Ramez Galal will once again be putting people in situations in which they think they will die. We have just received official confirmation from an undisclosed source that this year, the theme will be having people believe that they are going to die in a plane crash, and one of Galal's victims this season is none other than faux-celebrity Paris Hilton.

According to our source, this year's show will be bigger and scarier than ever, titled “Ramez Wakel El Gaw”. The prank begins with an invitation for a celebrity to come to the opening of a major hotel chain in Dubai. On their flight over the celebrity is sat beside Ramez Galal dressed up as old women. All of sudden the pilot announces that he has lost control and that the plane will crash, whipping passengers into a panic.

The latest celebrity to fall victim to Galal’s elaborate and irresponsible prank is Paris Hilton. During the chaos of the pilot losing control, Galal supposedly begins to accuse Hilton of farting, leaving the heiress feeling embarrassed and angry, just before she thinks she is going die.

This notorious prank show captures on film the moments before someone thinks they will die, and is clearly going too far with people’s emotions. Some of his victims are old, and the stress could lead to serious injuries like a heart attack, but very few seem to care. Which is why, love it or hate it, Ramez Galal's prank show continues to gain popularity, as all ages seem to find it entertaining to watch people get terrorised, which why his show has become one of the most anticipated TV series every Ramadan.