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Paris's Palais Des Congres to Showcase Egyptian Opera, Misr El Tareeq

The show features over 200 Egyptian artists.

Misr El Tareeq opera in Cairo

The Egyptian opera, Misr El Tareeq, will be showcased in Paris on December 19th at the Palais Des Congres De Paris, which seats four thousand people. The opera tells the story of baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Joseph’s journey to Egypt. It made its debut in Cairo at the Manara Conference Centre in the presence of Pope Tawadros II and features 200 Egyptian participants, including renowned pianist Ramzi Yassa and award-winning Mezzo-soprano Farrah El Dibany.

According to businessman Mounir Ghabbour, the show hopes to perform in Vatican City as well as in the US. The show is part of a greater plan to reinvigorate cultural and religious tourism in Egypt, as Ghabbour believes that by depicting the holy family’s refuge to Egypt, priceless benefits will be reaped, including promoting the nation’s safety and improving the cultural reputation of Egypt globally.

Ghabbour also revealed that the areas of Azraa’ Al Zeitoun and Deir Al Azraa’ in Jabal Al Teir - which were on the holy family’s route through Egypt - will undergo renovations to strengthen Egypt's religious tourism industry.

The opera is part of an exciting phase of Egyptian arts and culture revival which embraces many parts of the nation’s history. Do you think this opera will help Egypt’s tourism? Let us know in the comments below.