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Parisian DJ Pee Is Coming To The Temple

DJ Pee is flying in all the way from the city of lights for Straight Outta Temple this weekend.

We’ve heard a lot of DJ names over the years here at CairoScene. Most are okay; some are clever, others not so much. DJ PEE takes the cake, though. It’s short, simple, catchy, and, whether intentional or not, hilarious. Strap in for another stupendous evening of tunes and tones from Straight Outta Temple. Coming up on Friday, February 26th: DJ PEE, all the way from Paris. Bringing the Hip Hop vibe from the city of lights, DJ PEE has come to Cairo with beats that'll make you dance... Kind of like you have to pee. Okay, we're done with the pee jokes. 

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