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Paying it Forward

Friend of CairoScene Shady Noor, came across a beautiful act of kindness on Cairo's streets...

This is just the kind of humanity that we need at the moment. A friend of CairoScene, Shady Noor, was being dramatic and wanted to watch the sunset and contemplate the meaning of life when he saw something strange at his local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. There was a table filled with street children. With them was an Egyptian man and his foreign wife, teaching them songs, clapping, and laughing. This is an example of the selfless acts that we don’t hear about anymore. What could the couple possibly have to gain from doing this other than a warm and fuzzy feeling that you can only get from seeing a child smile and giggle? They were not worried about the kids being too close or them getting dirty, but rather, their focus was on the happiness of the kids. This gives us hope. This instance reminds us that there is still good in the country and little acts of paying it forward make a big difference. We’re happy to know that these kids had a little bit of light in their dark world. 

Photo by Shady Noor