Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Pearl N Petal: Elegant Fashion Inspired by Egyptian Golden Era

Pearl N Petal's florals got us feeling like we just stepped out of a meadow in a far, far away land...

Staff Writer

It's not just the alliteration of 'pearl' and 'petal' that works well here, it's the actual delicacy the name gracefully stirs when you read it. We're getting too poetic, right? But, once you see this brand, you'll understand why. It's not easy to stay fashionable in an ironically elegant yet bustling city like Cairo, and it's certainly difficult finding the perfect patterns that complement your femininity. That's why when we come across a gem like Pearl N Petal, we hold on to it and tell you all about it. Ingy Ezzat, the founder, let us in on her inspirations and aspirations when it comes to her line that is reminiscent of a time and age when Cairo's streets served as one of the fashion capitals of the world.Seriously, the pastel colours, the shapes of the flowers themselves, the fabric and design – is it even possible to be this chic? Ezzat says, "I was inspired by the old Cairo, where people dressed up in florals and pearls in quality fabrics!" The not-originally-a-designer designs everything herself when it comes to her 'baby' – as she calls it – that just came to life just a few months ago. "It's really hard to find beautiful designs with gorgeous fabrics in Egypt. I am not sure why. But, that's how the idea of my brand came about – it's all about keeping it classy," she continues.
We noticed that Ezzat had one piece that came in two sizes: Mom and Daughter, which she talks about: "It's just so cute. And kids nowadays don't get to wear these dresses we used to wear, so, it's a chance for moms and daughters to match but also for the kids to be kids!" The thing we love most about this brand? The 1001 ways you can wear it; these skirts go well with a crop top, a simple t-shirt, a tank top, a ruffled top, or even a simple t-shirt, and it'd still manage to make you look like the classiest thing that came out of Cairo. You've probably just seen a lot of florals, which is very 'spring', and we know you're going to complain about how much you miss the sun and the heat. But, alas, it's wintertime and we're going to put flowers aside for now. Ezzat is reluctant about sharing news about her new collection coming up this winter, and we were told to keep quiet about it – which we managed to do – but we'll tell you one thing: keep looking out for it because what woman doesn't want to be beaded with pearls and look like she's strolling down Manhattan streets?

Check out all the gorgeousness and shop on their Facebook and Instagram @PearlNPetal!