Monday October 2nd, 2023
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This Egyptian Women’s Shoe Brand is Bringing the Classic to the Contemporary

Making classic young again.

Staff Writer

With cheap, on-trend and ultimately disposable fast-fashion being the en vogue thing these days, we really have lost appreciation for good-quality, well-crafted, durable wear – particularly when it comes to shoes. There was once a time when a ‘Genuine Leather’ tag was of value, something that Egyptian brand, Pellame, holds deep in its sole (yes, that’s a shoe joke). The brand's new fall 2018 collection takes on a classic, English-style aesthetic in presenting a variety of different designs for women.

“Our parents and grandparents understood the luxury of genuine leather pair of shoes and how valuable and comfortable they are," explains founder, Dina El-Samaloty. "So I wanted to bring this concept back to our generation."

Having launched in 2015, El-Samalouty is influenced by memories of a childhood spent around her father and grandfather’s shoe factories. The factories have been operating since the 1960’s, producing men’s shoes, as well as military and police shoes. It seems worlds away from a women's shoe brand in the 21st century, but she accents these influences with dainty touches, including some mischievous  tassel-play and fierce high-heels. At the core of her designs, though, is always top quality materials.

“We have the best leather here,” she says both proudly and with a sense of frustration as to why this is not taken advantage of more. The shoes are made by highly skilled workers who were trained for years at her family’s factories. Sourcing and manufacturing in Egypt also adds the benefit of making the brand much more affordable.

You can get your feet in these by visiting El-Samaloty in Nerco, Maadi, or by connecting with them through Facebook and Instagram. A website is also in the works.