Monday September 25th, 2023
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People Climbing Up Historical Sites Unlicensed Can Face EGP 100k Fine

Anyone who trespasses into or climbs an archeological or heritage site will face a fine up to EGP 100k.

Cairo Scene

From Hatshepsut’s Obelisk in Karnak Temple to the shrine of Amun-Ra in Sohag’s Temple of Seti, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has been working towards the restoration of multiple archeological and heritage sites across the country. Those efforts have been doubled recently, in congruence with the fact that this year marks 100 years since the discovery of King Tut’s tomb and 200 years since the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone.  

So, people trespassing into archeological sites or climbing them will face the consequences of Article 45 of the Antiquities Protection Law, which stipulates that offenders will get a period of imprisonment of no less than a month, and a fine that ranges between EGP 10k and EGP 100k, depending on the degree of offense. Penalties will double in the case of a repeated offense.