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The 7 Perks of Moving Into Marakez's Aeon Towers

While we'll always regard our menacing bawab with a look of love and utter fear, our high-tower, bawab-free apartments have been long overdue.

Some would argue that part of downtown Cairo’s charm is the old run-down buildings with the "vintage" architecture, stained walls and the bawab in his galabeya fearlessly guarding the residence as he gives its tenants dirty looks when they waltz in at all hours of the night. While we’re always regard downtown’s little quirks with great fondness, we’re about ready for an upgrade. Aeon towers, Marakez’s newest project in 6th of October are just what we’re looking for. Here are some of the perks that come with living in a stylish tower.  

Getting to Work on Formet El Sa7el

One of the many issues we have with our beloved over-crowded, traffic-infested city is - that no matter what do - there never seems to be enough hours in the day. In between our crazy working hours, our grocery shopping and the gym, we tend to fall short in one of those departments. Usually it's the gym which is quite a problem seeing as Sa7el season is around the corner and we're far from prepared. With Aeon Towers, traffic is no longer an excuse not to hit the gym. Equipped with an indoor pool and a gym, we can finally get in a consistent work-out. We might even top it off with a dip in the jacuzzi. Yup, they've got a jacuzzi. For the outdoorsy types, there's also a track and a dog park for your furry friends.

 Shopping Made Easier

While we love shopping, part of the reason we avoid malls like the plague is the nightmare that is parking. However, we hear that the towers’ lobbies are connected to the mall as well as all the outdoor amenities. Binge shopping here we come! 

 No more Bawab or sayes

Gone are the days when we try to sneak in past 3am Mahmoud at 2 am. Instead we will be welcomed by a concierge pleasantly seated in the elegant lobbies decorated with gallery walkways. Not alluring enough? Each resident also gets access to an underground parking. 

  Party-Hosting Area

We love ourselves a Friday brunch. Know what we love more though? Friday brunch right in our "backyard". Aeon Towers affords its residents an area known as the sky lounge, where you get to throw events (read party) or a brunch. If you're more of the chill type though, there's also the resident lounge which is equipped with WiFi and a printing station.

Killer View

What is a fancy manhattan-like apartment without the view? Nothing, that's what. Luckily, our new shiny apartment comes with a killer view of the whole city (well October city, anyway). Those weekend gatherings and possibly future interventions can now all be held in the comfort of your living room. Besides, nothing says success like a sleek fully furnished apartment with a killer view. 

  A Dose of Nature

Accordding to Time magazine, research has shown that being around nature reduces stress. Well, we were already sold at the mention of a jacuzzi but nature's cool too. And because a happy tower means relaxed residents, AEON is surrounded by greenery and a gorgeous waterfall to greet its residents. So if you want to impress your Friday-night date or show your ex just how great you're doing without them, this is it.

Optimal Location

We all know the mantra, it's all about location, location, location. What is the point of a sexy apartment if it's in the middle of nowhere? The promenade linking together the towers extends beyond the complex and unto mall of Arabia. You'll also be a short drive away from downtown Cairo.