Monday May 29th, 2023
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Personalised Perfume Created by Artificial Intelligence Now in Cairo

With an art installation that's capable of recording your personality traits and using them to craft the perfect perfume just for you, the robot takeover has never smelled so sweet.

John Bichara

What's better than finding the perfect perfume that's just for you? Having an advanced Artificial Intelligence that is precisely aligned to your needs and desires to craft that perfume before your very eyes. It's the future, time to smell like it. Currently running at Tahrir Cultural Center, the 'Algorithmic Perfumery' by Dutch artist, designer and filmmaker Frederik Duerinck, which has returned to Cairo courtesy of local art initiative Cairotronica.

How does this AI-powered perfume maker get into your head and come up with a personalised concoction? First you've got to offer them a piece of your mind by taking a questionnaire, which will poke at what exactly makes you tick. How does your psychology work? What do you think of society? Do we actually live in one? And how much about culture would you like to tell us about? A few questions will even ask about perfumes. Afterwards, the AI will process your answers and chug along until you get the perfume that you were always meant to use.

It's not just some mad science experiment or another way for robots to study you for their eventual takeover of mankind. The Algorithmic Perfumery is an art piece that helps you experience the possibilities of technology and simultaneously contribute to the development of Artificial Intelligence. If you want to give it all a shot, you can head over to Tahrir Cultural Center in Downtown Cairo before September 30th.