Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Peter Pan on Ice is Skating to Cairo

October will be a big month for musicals as Peter Pan on Ice makes its way to our country to serve us a feeling of nostalgia.

Staff Writer

You guys remember that little boy who never grew up and flew around a little island called Neverland where he and his posse, The Lost Boys, never really had any responsibilities and just wandered around finding adventures and chilling with fairies? Yeah, that guy in the little green jumpsuit; Peter Pan, that’s who we are talking about.

Well it seems you’ll get a chance to reminisce on all of the good laughs and childhood memories the movie gave you as they are bringing the story to life in Cairo, and this time they're on the ice. The show will be brought to you by the Sesame Club and has been organised for our viewing pleasure by TEB (The Events Boutique).

The show is set to run for three days from October 22nd to October 25th, 2015. We couldn’t find a venue on their Facebook page but it clearly states more details are to come so we’ll keep you fans posted. October should definitely be a childhood-memory packed month as the Broadway rendition of Beauty and the Beast will also be on stage from October 7th at Cairo Festival City mall.

To stay up to date with the Peter Pan on Ice, you can visit their Facebook event here for more details.