Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Pets Can Now Get on Public Transportation in Saudi Arabia

Now you’ll REALLY need to teach your dog how to sit!

Hesham Badr

Pets Can Now Get on Public Transportation in Saudi Arabia

Next time you hop on a bus, train or even a boat, don't be surprised if you encounter some fuzzy, four-legged passengers. According to the Saudi Transport General Authority, passengers can now bring their pets on public transportation as long as the pets are contained within designated boxes or areas.

If our furry passengers get a little too carried away and start causing a ruckus, their human companions might have to pay fines ranging from SAR 100 to SAR 500 (USD 27 - USD 133). Let's keep the barking and meowing to a minimum, shall we?

The authority has explicitly addressed the rights of visually impaired passengers and those with disabilities. Visually impaired passengers are allowed to bring their service animals on board, provided that they do not endanger others or disrupt the safety of the operation. In cases of refusal, alternative services that meet the passengers' needs must be offered.

Meanwhile, passengers with disabilities or limited mobility are entitled to special services, including exemptions or reduced ticket prices. Carriers are obligated to provide assistance for boarding and disembarking, and reservations of two adjacent seats must be allowed - one for the passenger with a disability or reduced mobility and the other for an accompanying person.