Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Pharaohs Doc Gets Distribution

Gravitas Ventures is set to launch the long-awaited World Cup documentary on the Egyptian football team on June 10th, even though they never actually made the cut.

Staff Writer

Last year we reported on Copper Pot Pictures' adventurous effort to document the World Cup journey of Egypt's national football team. This was at a time when we were so sure, as a country, that our boys would be going to Brazil. That was until of course we disasterously became Ghana's whipping boys and got knocked out.

But a film crew was with them the whole time during Bob Bradley's reign, a significant one in light of the tumultuous time Egypt had been going through following the Port Said riot, schmoozing up close with the players and coaching staff, and we're glad to reveal now that the documentary will see the light of day. A week before the World Cup begins, Gravitas Ventures has bought worldwide VOD and TV rights to the documentary titled, rather ironically now, We Must Go.

Gravitas will release the title globally on June 10, and will have subtitles available in 11 languages.

“Despite Egypt’s failure to reach the World Cup, we feel like the film captures a tremendous sense of hope,” said co-producer David LaMattina. “For two years, the players managed to put aside political differences in hopes of achieving something great together.”