Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Porto Cairo Knows Good Music

With not one, but TWO massive concerts next week, Porto Cairo Mall is cementing itself as New Cairo's best music venue...

Staff Writer

New Cairo is quickly emerging as the best place to live in Egypt, and a large part of that is thanks to efforts of Porto Cairo Mall in redefining night life in the city. Although it has only been about a month since their launch in April, the vibrant Porto Cairo Mall has been providing the Egyptians the opportunity to catch the hottest international acts, in a fresh new outdoor venue, filled with a long roster of Egyptians’ favourite restaurants.

The set up provides for an amazingly unique experience as now Egyptians have the opportunity to eat their favourite meals while watching their favourite performers. For their launch, Porto Cairo Mall set their standards high, by bringing Beirut’s iconic Music Hall to Egypt for the very first time. The night was one to remember as fire and water danced around their beautiful fountain, while diners ate and fans rocked out. Looking to keep the momentum building as Egypt’s newest emerging hot spot, Porto Cairo Mall is proud to announce that they will be hosting two acts that are sure to perk Egyptian ears. 

The first act slated to play the month of May, is none other than the returning tour de force Mashrou’ Leila. On May 2nd, the seven piece controversial wordsmiths will be filling the New Cairo desert air with their soul-stirring fusion of alternative and Oriental sounds. What makes this show one not to miss is that it will be the first time Porto Cairo Call will host an international act at the best possible ticket price of FREE. If you are going to eat at any of the number of Chili’s restaurant that adorn the city, why not make it the one that provides entertainment that sizzles hotter than their fajita dinner?

The second act booked for the month of May is even bigger than the first. On May 8th, the king of Rai himself will be landing in Porto Cairo Mall. You would be hard pressed to find an Egyptian who hasn’t heard of the man who brought Aisha to the world and most recently released a duet of the official 2014 World Cup song with Nancy Ajram. Tickets for the event will be set at 300LE, and is well worth price to catch this legendary multi-lingual who has sold over 80.5 million albums worldwide including 10 diamond, platinum, and gold albums. Really all that needs to be said is Cheb Khaled is coming to Porto Cairo Mall and with the career this man has built his name alone should be enough to promote the event, but the fact that it will be hosted at Porto Cairo Mall guarantees to be unique unforgettable concert.

We couldn’t be happier with the way Porto Cairo is changing the night life. With a roster of equally awesome acts and restaurants, the only real question remaining is not if concert goers will want to attend, but rather what they will choose to eat.

Find out more about Porto Cairo Mall and their entertainment schedule on their Facebook page here.