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Pouffy Power

Of all the wonders mankind has made to keep their existence cozy, the bean bag is the ultimate heavy weight champion.

These bean filled blobs are responsible for keeping our tushies  glued onto their form hugging, impossible-to-get-out-of comfy goodness. If said bean bags have attitude, all the better.

That’s where Pouffy bean bags come in. Their wild styles and durable materials have left us no reason to ever leave their squishy goodness. We sleep, eat, drink, work, play video games, order people to pass the remote and muffle the occasional fart on our beanie thrones. Making a cameo appearance in MO4 Network’s soon-to-be released shoot, Pouffy bean bags are the only place we’ll be parking our butts. Until someone else gives us a free bean bag.

Get your ass in a Pouffy Bean Bag and find out how you can order one on Pouffy’s Facebook page hereand follow @PouffyEG on Twitter.