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Prayer is More Righteous Than Social Media Says Egyptian Muezzin

An Egyptian cleric has come under fire for changing the traditional Fajr call to prayer, causing furor on live TV. Check out the video here.

"Prayer is more righteous than sleep," is a phrase we hear during the Fajr prayer. It is a traditional saying encouraging the people in bed to get up and pray. An Egyptian Muezzin, however, is facing disciplinary action after giving the call to prayer a little remix, into a more contemporary "Prayer is more righteous than Facebook."

Worshipers at the Sayed Ghazi mosque have filed official complaints against him causing his suspension, pending an investigation. 

In a TV fiasco that took place on Sunday night, one of the worshipers came on air and accused the Muezzin of being a heretic. "Because of his inventiveness we have stopped praying at his mosque," the caller said, adding: "I heard him say it at least 3 times."

But in response, the cleric accused the caller of not frequenting the Sayed Ghazi mosque at all and of being a sympathiser of the banned Muslim Brotherhood. "He offered me 2000 pounds to work for the brotherhood."

On the programme, Mr Moghazi also threatened to go on a hunger strike in protest at his suspension and appealed for President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi to exonerate him.

Check out the video below to hear the caller and the cleric have a casual round of Egyptian TV bedazzlement.