Monday 5 of December, 2022
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President Trump Doesn't Want Your 'Anchor Babies' in America

That little blue passport might get 10 times harder to get.

Staff Writer

President Trump is steering US policies further and further right as his presidency goes on. The current POTUS has been outspoken about his ideologies on immigration and concerning nationalist stance on how the country should be run. Now his new unconstitutional proposal of terminating birthright status will affect the entire world.

According to the U.S. constitution, those born on American soil are American by birthright. Having an American citizenship and passport comes with many benefits, which is why a lot of people have what Trump calls “anchor babies”. This inflammatory term is in reference to people coming to America to have their children and reap the benefits. I’m sure every Egyptian knows someone who went to go have their baby in Amreeka, or possibly is a product of this phenomenon.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, approximately 99,000 U.S.-born individuals had at least one parent from Egypt. Nearly half the second generation reported that both parents were born in Egypt (47 percent), while 28 percent had one parent who was born in the United States. In view of these numbers, this is a big deal for Egyptians seeking a better life for their children, whether they’re seeking immigration or the benefits and protections that come with a U.S. citizenship or passport.


Main Image from: TheHypertexts