Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Pretty Fly

FlyBoarding hits Egypt this summer, and we can't wait to defy gravity with the latest water sport sensation...

Staff Writer

Pretty Fly

When R Kelly squealed out “I believe I can fly”, we thought that was as far as the dream would go for us, but for some people the determination to literally soar in the sky has taken a different route. “Who hasn’t dreamed of flying before?! Everybody deserves to fly; it’s a thrill of lifetime,” says Wael Abdo, the sole agent and exclusive distributor for FlyBoard in Egypt. “I want to pass on this thrill. Egyptians deserve to have a good time and, believe me, it's addictive.” Before we tell you more, we’ll let this mind-blowing video of the latest water sport do the talking:

FlyBoard is a new watercraft that can allow you to do what no other water sport can. You can dive, fly and even pretend you’re a dolphin, all at the same time.  “FlyBoarding has two distinct aspects; the first is easy, and that’s the flying. It’s all about balance. If you get it right, you will be able to fly within the first 10 minutes,” explains Abdo.  “The second is doing tricks and flips. That needs some intense training to get it right.”

So there’s a new way to get high this summer. The first FlyBoard club in Egypt opens in Porto Marina on the North Coast from the 1st of June and will be open until mid-September. 

For more information check out FlyBoard Egypt’s Facebook page here or call 01026261414 to make bookings. Find out more about Poro Marina on their Facebook fanpage here