Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Private Hospitals Will Now Allocate Isolation Wards for COVID-19 Cases

The decision was made after the ministry addressed a letter to the Chamber of Health Care Providers.

Staff Writer

The Ministry of Health and Population has asked the Chamber of Health Care Providers to allocate specialized wards in private hospitals exclusively for cases of COVID-19, which should be prepped with isolation beds.

In the letter addressed to the chamber, the ministry revealed that in the past few days, many private hospitals turned away patients suffering from respiratory issues and referred them to public hospitals, resulting in a huge influx of patients who are already at the late stage of the virus.

Given the fact that there are over 2,000 private hospitals in Egypt, the ministry asked the hospitals to review each case in accordance with the standards issued by the Ministry of Health and guidelines for isolation. Alaa Abdul Majeed, the president of the Chamber of Health Care Providers, has confirmed that the private sector is ready to implement any necessary steps required for the interest of the state. For any private hospital inquiries regarding suspected cases, the hotline 105 has been set up for citizens’ questions.