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Project Glass

The future has arrived thanks to Google Glasses. Why live in the real world, when the virtual world is quite literally at the tip of your nose...

No this is not a reference to some humanitarian project aimed at giving glass to people in the third world, it is in fact about the next jump in our technological evolution.

Google has an ambitious plan to bring the world of augmented reality to the masses.

Our initial thoughts on hearing this were “WOW, we can portray ourselves to the world in any way we want! GIRLS, WECOME TO THE GUN SHOW!” But after careful research, we realised it does not quite work like that.

Basically, Google glasses allow the wearer to view the world around them in kind of virtually reality mode.  Here are some examples:  if I am walking by a restaurant and look at it, the glasses will bring up a display with information such as prices, recommendations and user reviews. If I’m browsing a museum, anything I look at will have its history brought up.

The possibilities and uses are limitless in this pseudo reality world. Finally, we can imagine eating cake while checking Twitter and learning about ancient Chinese Ming vases all at the same time. Check out the video below to get a better idea: